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Simple pay as your grow pricing.

Starting at $30 / month

Our hosting services are provided with simple pricing based on storage and monthly bandwidth. Most of the tools which we provide are open source with free as well as professional add-ons.

Endless Features

Every website or project we host has access to the full and limitless potential of WordPress and WooCommerce making it possible to build any kind of creative project.

Online Gallery

Create an online art gallery and showcase your collection

Artist Directory

Create an artist directory and build your online community

Artist Portfolio

Create an online portfolio and showcase your artwork to the world.

Online Scheduling

Schedule viewing, pickups and all your appointments

Creator Blog

Create your blog and connect with your friends and fans.

Online Art Sales

Process transactions online and in-person with WooCommerce

Public Museums

Create an online presence for your public gallery or institution.

Photography Portfolio

Manage all aspects of your photography business.

Customer Login

Create a website that lets you service your customers.

Curated Plugins, Tools and Services

When you use Creator Hosting you have access to the best tools in the known universe.

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