15 Great Gifts for the Art Lover in Your Life

Gift giving season is officially upon us all! Although, if you ask any of us, we think it’s nice to give gifts all year ’round. We’ve put together a list of some obvious and not so obvious gift ideas for the art lover in your life. We were sure to include gifts at many price points so you don’t bust your Secret Santa budget.

*note: none of these items are sponsored, we just genuinely think they are great gifts!

Leather Pencil and Brush Case

This pencil case is perfect for a student or the artist on the go. It rolls up so it can be easily thrown into a bag and it can even be personalized with an initial or their name. Find this case and several others like it here.

A Big Important Art Book, now with Women!

 A Big Important Art Book
A Big Important Art Book

Author and artist Danielle Krysa, aka The Jealous Curator, is sick of asking “where are all the women artists?” So she wrote this book and it is fabulous. Sure to be a hit with any of your art loving friends or family. You can find it most places books are sold, but here’s the Amazon link: A Big Important Art Book

1000 Colors Puzzle

Everyone knows at least one person who LOVES puzzles. This 1000 piece, 1000 color puzzle offers just the right amount of difficulty for even the most seasoned puzzle veteran. It is also stunning to look at! You can find it online at uncommon goods.

Nix Mini Color Sensor

Perfect for the designer or color-conscious person in your life, Nix Mini Color Sensor matches name brand paint colors and digital color values with just a quick scan. They have a few models, but the Mini can be found here.

Adobe Creative Cloud

One of the best things Adobe did in recent years was move their software to ‘the cloud’ which made it much more affordable. This move also comes with the added benefit of access to the most recent versions of their programs so users are always up to date. Subscriptions require email and password for logging in, both of which are best left decided to the person receiving it. So if you plan on gifting a year subscription to Adobe’s tools, a card or something representative of the gift might be the best thing to wrap up with a bow.

Adobe has a few subscription options which can be found here: Adobe Creative Cloud

Sketchbox Subscription

Subscription boxes might be the perfect gift. They’re certainly a gift that keeps on giving . Sketchbox subscriptions offer both basic and premium boxes and are centred around a different theme and/or medium each month. And, as a bonus, there is an option to give it as a gift! Learn more and subscribe here: Get Sketchbox

iPad Pro with Procreate

This is, admittedly, a very luxurious gift option but we just couldn’t leave it out. Technology for artists has come a long way and the iPad Pro paired with the app Procreate are a true testament to that. This gift is best suited for serious illustrators, comic book writers, digital designers, and other artists who like to work or would benefit from working digitally.

Procreate’s website has even more examples of how artists are using their program: https://procreate.art/

Buy the iPad at your nearest Apple store or official Apple retailer or online here: https://www.apple.com/ipad/

(Don’t forget the Apple Pencil): https://www.apple.com/apple-pencil/

A Membership to your Local Art Museum

But of course! Many large art galleries and museums offer yearly memberships which would allow your loved one to attend as often as they like. If your closest museum or gallery doesn’t have an entrance fee, a donation in honour of that person would also be a lovely gift.

Art Supply Kits

Any kid who grew up as an artist probably received some version of an art supply kit at some point in their life. It’s a classic! There are endless options out there, we’ve picked three based on age appropriateness and/or skill level of the child you plan to gift one to.

Young Children: Crayola Inspiration Kit

The Explorer: Gallery Studio 82 Piece Deluxe Art Set

The Up and Comer: Mont Marte 174 Piece Deluxe Art Set

Bob Ross Board Game

Bob Ross, the Patron Saint of Calm, now has a board game! Bob has had a bit of a pop culture icon resurgence lately; a catalyst for which products like this game have now started popping up. A unique, unexpected gift for anyone who is a fan! Find the Bob Ross, Art of Chill Game here: http://www.biggcreative.com/games/bob-ross-art-of-chill/

Werner’s Nomenclature Colour Book

This standardized colour scheme was developed by Abraham Gottlob Werner in the late eighteenth century and was even used by Darwin on his voyage aboard the HMS Beagle. A stunningly beautiful handbook that has been used by artists and scientists for centuries, this book would be a great gift for anyone who appreciates science, history, and subtlety in colour. Smithsonian Books carries it, you can find it on their website.

Viviva Portable Watercolours

An Indiegogo success story! These portable watercolour sheets are perfect for any artist on the go. As a bonus, they come at a few different price points so they are another great option for a smaller gift, giving alongside another gift, or as a stocking stuffer. https://vivivacolors.com/

Shop Locally

In just about any city you can now find makers markets. Located in either permanent storefronts or pop-up events, these markets are full of artists, artisans, and high-quality crafters creating original works at accessible prices. If you happen to live in a place that doesn’t have this sort of thing, Etsy is a sure bet. But if possible, support your local artists and makers!

Art Supply Gift Card

Sometimes the most obvious gift is the best. Don’t fall into the trap that gift cards are not as meaningful as other types of gifts, they ensure the person gets exactly what they want or need. Pick an art supply store in your area, grab a gift card, and let your loved one have a mini shopping spree!

Happy merry to you all!

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